Padmavati Row: Will the intervention of the Parliamentary panel ensure an early release for film?

Sources reveal that the Parliamentary Panel’s perception and the CBFC decision, will pave the way for Padmavati’s early release. 

It appears that there would be an early solution in sight to the Padmavati row, with the makers being asked to present their views on the controversy surrounding the film’s release, to a Parliamentary panel headed by Anurag Thakur. The committee, comprising Paresh Rawal and Raj Babbar from the industry, had called for an expeditious meeting with filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, besides CBFC chief, Praoon Joshi today, to discuss the challenges that the film was facing in its release. Reports suggest that the 30-member panel among other things also wanted an explanation from Bhansali on various accounts, one of them being his decision to screen the film to two media houses, before it could be cleared by the CBFC. The Chairman of the panel, Anurag Thakur, while interacting with a news channel earlier in the day revealed, “We will definitely ask him why the film is selectively being shown to certain media houses, even when the certification is due. Mr Bhansali also has to tell us why the film was not shown to the people who actually had objections to it,” Thakur said.

Thakur said that the committee was looking at seeking answers for several questions from Bhansali, “We are going to ask many questions because this is not only about entertainment, but about the social fabric too,” he said, expressing his reservations about whether the controversy was fuelled, “There have been instances in the past where controversy has been created around films just to ensure extra publicity for them. We will discuss that too,” he said.

However there is speculation that the process of certification is likely to be further delayed with Bhansali submitting a fresh application of the 3D version of the film a day ago. Apparently the application is awaiting scrutiny and the CBFC is yet to give a screening date. “Now that they have applied for 3D certification, we will have to look into the new application. When there is simultaneous release of 2D and 3d versions, we only certify the 3D part,” a CBFC source told PTI.

It may be recalled that a day ago the Supreme Court had turned down another appeal to ban the film, also pulling up the Chief Ministers who had spoken out against the film. The Court also said that it was the sole prerogative of the CBFC to review the film and take a call whether it was suitable for screening.